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ICO 41 is place where you can find distilled information about Initial Coin Offerings upcoming as well as those who have been around awhile. Each week we choose an interesting ICO and put it through its paces, by reading the whitepaper and everything else we can. We visit Reddit, Slack, Discord, Telegram, BitCoinTalk, or wherever else there is discussion and information. Then we think about it. Then we tell you about it.  That’s about it. Please subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes and give it a review. Thanks!


After 24+ years in technology, I thought I had come to a sort of an end.  I mean, enough is enough, right?  Until I discovered the fundamentals of crypto and the blockchain. I’m enthralled. For awhile, I embarrassed my wife and kids by going on and on about it at dinner parties, etc.  But now I have an outlet. This site, a podcast, whatever other outlet I can muster. It’s a fascinating subject and I truly believe it has the potential to make offer great and needed changes to our economy and to other aspects of the way we live. This site is a work in progress, as is most everything else.




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